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Human genetics consultation

If you would like to present yourself at our human genetics consultation (in Hannover or in another city in Germany), you can make an appointment HERE at any time.

Diseases by medical specialty

Here you will find gene panels for diseases that we have compiled for you with reference to your medical specialty group. Please select the applicable specialty group here; you will then be directed to the specialty group-specific disease list.

Your GenService

  • Will gladly accept your inquiries by mail and phone
  • Checks genetics orders for plausibility and completeness
  • Prepares cost estimates for submission to health insurance companies upon request

Please feel free to call us or write us your request.

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Many physicians have very specific knowledge about individual rare diseases that is not stored anywhere in a structured way. NASGE has set itself the task of bundling and utilizing this knowledge for the care of patients with rare genetic diseases.

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fetalis – Genetic test on the unborn child

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