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The human microbiome is the totality of all microorganisms living on and in humans. The bacterial colonization varies from person to person, but there are "key microorganisms" that have a major influence on health. In particular, the composition of the bacterial colonization of the intestine, vagina, skin and upper respiratory tract are now well researched. Analysis of this natural microbial colonization can reveal changes in physiological flora, if necessary. In this way, individualized recommendations for positively influencing the microbiome can be offered to people with certain medical conditions.

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Microbiome of the intestine

The microbiome of the intestine (intestinal flora) occupies a special position and is also referred to as an "organ". Disruption of this "organ" is associated with a number of diseases such as diabetes mellitus type 2, obesity, diseases of the intestine including irritable bowel syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, polycystic ovary syndrome, aging processes and others.

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Microbiome of the vagina

In women, the microbiome of the vagina is also significant. In case of changes, unpleasant diseases such as "bacterial vaginosis" can occur. The success of artificial insemination (IVF) can also be negatively affected. In addition, miscarriages or premature births are associated with an altered vaginal microbiome.

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