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Interdisciplinary CompetenceMolecular Diagnostics
Know how in the analysis of genetic material.
For the benefit of patients.

IinterdisciplinaryCenter of Molecular Diagnostics

Over decades, amedes genetics has achieved a leading position in the analysis of genetic material. Today, this know-how benefits all medical and scientific fields and brings them together in an interdisciplinary way. Only through joint exchange synergies can be exploited and knowledge can be passed on optimally - especially for the benefit of patients.

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Liquid Biopsy – Cell-free DNA

Innovative diagnostics through cell-free DNA
In cooperation with the experts of the Liquid Biopsy Center (LBC), we offer tumor and transplant patients innovative methods for the examination of cell-free DNA in order to optimize therapies and secure diagnoses.



amedes BiomCheck – Examination of the intestinal microbiome

Healthy intestine - healthier life
Our intestinal flora is as individual as our life, a successful therapy must be as well. The analysis of your personal intestinal microbiome and the resulting findings make it possible to positively influence your intestinal health through tailored recommendations.



fetalis – for more safety

From the mother's blood | Genetic test on the unborn child
Prenatal care provides parents-to-be with certainty about how their child is developing. Besides invasive procedures, there are now also non-invasive prenatal tests (NIPT) such as fetalis®, which are safe for mother and child.